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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Why Should We Drink Cold Water?

Water is all around us, and everyone is being told to drink more water. Water is beneficial to the body in processing food and wastes, hydrates the skin and circulates the blood. By drinking cold water, we can add other benefits to that list like cooling the body from exercise, improving endurance and increasing metabolic function.

Cooling the Body

There is not a lot of proven research on drinking hot, room-temperature or cold water, but after exercise or in conditions of intense heat, drinking cold water can help the body adjust to a higher temperature and refreshes you in a way that hot or room-temperature water does not. Colder fluids leave your stomach more quickly, so they'll get to your body faster, according to FitSugar.com. The Texas Heart Institute recommends drinking several glasses of cool or cold water per day when exercising or in areas with intense heat.


When exercising in the heat, endurance is dependant more on hydration than skills. By drinking cold water during exercise, it can help maintain a lower heart rate, which can help an endurance athlete last longer.

In a recent study from Loughborough University in England, researchers found that drinking cold water on a hot day can lower your heart rate by five beats per minute, according to Bicycling.com.

Even if you're not an endurance athlete you can benefit from this if you have high blood pressure, but don't overdo it because drinking cold water can mask the signs of a heart attack to medical personnel.

Increasing Metabolism

This may sound great, but don't be disillusioned: The increase is not huge. Your body is burning calories to raise the temperature of the cold water to be equal to your body temp, according to FitSugar.com. The increase is small, though, as a 16-ounce glass of cold water requires about 17.5 calories to equal body temperature.

So, if you drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day and are drinking it cold, you will burn 70 calories. For those looking to lose weight, drinking 12 eight-ounce glasses of cold water will burn 105 calories and fuel your weight loss.

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