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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Beatles & Eric Clapton meet in Moscow: Pattie Boyd's memories & photos

Organizer: Jaguar Summer Museum, display runs in Stoleshnikov lane till September 3 English model and photographer Pattie Boyd has been telling RT about a new photo exhibition she opened in Moscow recalling the time she spent with the legendary George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

Known in the swinging sixties as one of the first It girls, Pattie Boyd travelled the globe with the Beatles in their heyday whilst married to band member George Harrison. "The Beatles' trip to India was a very special time," Boyd told RT. "It was wonderful being there at that time because the Beatles were particularly prolific.

They wrote most of the songs for their White Album in India." Later leaving him for Eric Clapton, Pattie Boyd has never shied away from the spotlight. At that time, she was often the one behind the camera too, photographing the people she knew.

No one thought back then that they would be such stars. "I had no idea at that time that they would be important," Boyd said. "With time they became more iconic."Now the former model is pursuing a career as a photographer, traveling with her exhibitions all over the world.


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