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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Norway killer planned red wine treat before attack

OSLO (Reuters) - The confessed killer of more than 90 people in Norway wanted to prepare by hiring two top-class prostitutes and drinking some expensive French wine, the document he distributed on the Internet showed Monday.

In a 1,500-page manifesto and instruction manual for would-be "crusaders" against Islam and liberal European politicians, the document written by Anders Behring Breivik says preparations should include a photo session after a "few hours in a solarium to look fresher."

Breivik, who police say has confessed to the killing, was appearing in court Monday on a police request to hold him for a further eight weeks after his Friday detention.

The manifesto sets out Breivik's ideas and also documents a period from April 2002 to the day before the July 22 attacks, showing a mixture of obsessive planning and glimpses of his everyday life.

"This house is infested with beetles. Just now I was about to reach for a chocolate in my goodie bag and a beetle had crawled in," he wrote of the farm where he made his preparations.

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