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Monday, 15 August 2011

Britain Debates a Plan to Turn to U.S. ‘Supercop’

Marcus Yam for The New York Times
William J. Bratton has said he is ready to help in any way Britain favors.
LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan to bring in an American “supercop,” as the tabloid newspapers here have called him, became a political hot potato over the weekend, with the mayor of London and an array of British police officials publicly opposing the idea, often in blunt terms.

The suggestion that Britain needed the help of William J. Bratton, a former police commissioner in Boston, New York and Los Angeles, to sort out its policing problems in the wake of the recent rioting was never likely to go down easily. The tough measures Mr. Bratton adopted to deal with street crime in American cities are a poor fit with Britain’s much less aggressive traditions of policing, critics are saying.

But the proposal has now gotten caught up in a wider dispute between the government and senior police officers over the rioting, including the issue of who bears the primary responsibility for a slow response to the unrest, and whether the government’s plans to save money by cutting police strength by thousands of officers continue to make sense.

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