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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hama: Holy Month in Killings

On the first day of Ramadan, August 1st, Syrian troops stormed the city Hama, in one of the bloodiest days of a five-month-old uprising.

Around 80 civilians were killed on the tank-backed assault on Hama where Assad's father crushed an Islamists uprising 29 years ago. The next day shows a continuous gunfire on a northeastern district of Hama, killing at least four civilians.

Video's and Images were uploaded on social media which shows black smoke rising from the street and people hiding at the corner of buildings to escape gunfire in Gharb Al-Mashtal.

Another video from Al Sabahi roundabout in Hama shows a tank in position and soldiers. A further video filmed in the city of Deir al-Zour shows deserted streets with several military vehicles.

Syrian Security forces, dominated by Alawite sect, had besieged the Sunni Muslim city of 700,000 for nearly a month before the August 1 crackdown on the eve of Ramadan.

The Muslim Brotherhood accused the Alawite elite of conducting sectarian warfare on Sunnis by attacking Hama.

Ikram Al Yacoub
Al Arabiya With Agencies


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