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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Let Jais do its job, but it must respect rights

'Should Jais, as keepers of the faith, do its job even to the extent of disrespecting the religious beliefs of others?'Muslim NGOs target S'gor MB over church raid

People Power: Pembela, Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) and Pekida must have sand in their brains. Jais barged into a church building and interrupted a fund-raising dinner without a warrant, which was rude and uncalled for.

When Muslim and non-Muslims alike made noise over such interruption, you claimed that "statements by non-Muslim politicians that have hurt the feelings of Muslims" and called for Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim's resignation when he tried to appease the situation.

What stupid rationale is that? You have no respect for other religions and you expect other religions to respect us as Muslims? Pembela president Yusri Mohamad called for Jais to be given freedom in carrying out its duties. Does that mean Islamic authorities can carry out raids without warrants and interrupt functions? Is that called "freedom to carry out its duties"?

While these three organisations claim that the MB's attempt in appeasing the situation has caused deep suspicion between Muslims and non-Muslims, the real problem is that such uncalled-for "barging in" is what has caused deep suspicion on us Muslims by the non-Muslims.



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