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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Malaysia's Zee Avi Turns Her 'Calling' Into International Success -- Exclusive Video

Pint-sized and endlessly musical, Malaysian artist Zee Avi is bringing a refreshing difference to the island-wave acoustica that we have known and loved for a decade. By employing a sultry alto and layer upon layer of ukulele blues, this 20-something's songs will find their way into your dreams.

Newly signed to Jack Johnson's Brushfire records, Avi stopped by Spinner's New York office to tell us about her latest project, 'Ghostbird,' (out Aug. 30) and how she went from YouTube hopeful to international success.

"I studied fine art in London, I was there for about four years. I learned more about aspects of life because I went there when I was 17 so it was quite a transitional period of my life from being a teenager to a young adult," Avi told Spinner.

"I was hoping hard for my calling and I picked up this guitar that I had for a while which was collecting dust in a corner, and I just sat there with a chord book -- in color -- and then I strummed my first A chord. And then I was hooked."

Check out Zee Avi's exclusive interview with Spinner below.

ORIGINAL POST: http://www.spinner.com/2011/08/23/zee-avi-ghostbird/


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