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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

There’s no Arroyo in documents

Former First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo on Tuesday denied owning the two used helicopters sold as brand new to the Philippine National Police despite the testimony by a distributor of the choppers that he was the real owner of the aircraft.

Inocencio Ferrer Jr., Arroyo’s lawyer, said the name of his client did not appear in any of the documents presented by Archibald Po, the president of Lionair Inc., and Hilario de Vera, the president of Manila Aerospace Products Trading Corp. (Maptra), to prove that he was the beneficial owner of two preowned helicopters sold as new to the PNP.
NO SIGNATURE Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo denies owning helicopters sold to the PNP as brand new. JESS YUSON

“We listened to their testimonies, especially that of Archibald Po, and it appears that he just wants to drag the name of Mr. Arroyo to this case. We will file a complaint of perjury against him for certifying to a fact that is not true,” Ferrer said in a phone interview
Ferrer said Po could also face other charges such as misrepresenting Maptra as the exclusive marketing agent of the Robinson choppers without the express consent of the American manufacturer.

The United States has strict policies on companies engaged in corrupt activities, the lawyer said.

“As the marketing agent, whatever his company (Maptra) did will affect the principal (Robinson). The act of the agent is the act of the principal,” Ferrer said.


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