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Friday, 12 August 2011

UK Riots: Millions feel for Asyraf Haziq

PETALING JAYA: The scene of rioters in London assaulting and robbing Malaysian student Mohd Asyraf Haziq Rossli has touched the hearts of millions around the world after a video clip of it went viral on the Internet.

The clip has become an iconic symbol of the senseless violence in Britain, with even its Prime Minister David Cameron singling out the incident.

The video titled “London Riots-scum steal from injured boy” was ranked seventh most viewed video on YouTube this week with more than 2.9 million viewers worldwide.

Facebook fan pages were also created with “Support for student Mohd Asyraf Haziq, robbed while bleeding heavily,” given 249 likes while “Get Well Soon Asyraf Haziq,” got 990 likes until yesterday.

Jamie Cowen, a former worker of Britain-based Save the Children, has launched an Internet campaign to help Mohd Asyraf.

Based on Cowen's Twitter account, the campaign has so far raised some 4,000 (about RM19,350) with contributions still pouring in.

“Over 1,200 people have donated,” he said, adding that among the donors was a British bicycle firm pledging Mohd Asyraf a new one since his was stolen.

Among other donations were two first-class tickets by a British railway company for Mohd Asyraf to travel anywhere and free dental service from dentist Martin Nakisa in Britain.

The website “Let's Do Something Nice For Ashraf” (www.somethingniceforashraf.tumblr.com) also received thousands of supporters within hours of its launch on Wednesday.

In a video shot by his friend, Mohd Asyraf said from his bed in the Royal London Hospital that he was cycling with another student to visit a friend when a gang of about 20 headed towards him.

“I think some had knives. The youngest looked like he was of primary school age. They came in a group, they didn't attack at first. They wanted the bicycle.

“And then there was someone who put a hand in my pocket to take my phone. He pulled the bicycle and I don't know what happened. I fell and my mouth was bleeding. So, maybe I got hit,” Mohd Asyraf said in Malay.

“The people fled the scene. Others then approached me and said they wanted to help, but instead those behind me just took stuff from my backpack,” he added.

ORIGINAL POST: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/8/12/nation/9289078&sec=nation


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