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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Youth Carry the Ramadan Spirit

During the month of Ramadan in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a group of youths collaborated together in an effort in distributing "iftar" meals to drivers on the road before sunset.

The youth are embracing a charity project in order to prevent fasting commuters from causing any car accidents during the last hour before Iftar.The aim is to help drivers to break their fast while they are still on the road to their homes.

Their daily tiring yet enjoyable activity is accomplished by rolling on their rollerblades.

More than thirty people of different ages, start their everyday "iftar", near the traffic signals. They are offered a bottle of water and a few dates, as well as wishing them a blessed fasting and hoping that Allah will accept their compliances.

A local residence expressing his joy by saying, "I admire their activity, especially at iftar time, they left their homes and family gathering just to offer others something to eat".

These young people go in all directions, carrying the spirit of Ramadan. They count on what they can provide or on the donations given to charitable organizations or individuals, to provide a daily meal for strangers on the road.

Hashem Hamd, Team leader said, "This basket has just arrived from the car, we are trying to assure that every car receives a meal bag. The numbers of helpers are increasing every day".

As the prayer calls during sunset, the young helpers gather along the side walk to break their fast.

The Team-leader signals the team as the day has come to an end that their mission to help went successfully. They all look forward to reunite the following days to continue to share their Ramadan spirit.

A residence
Hashem Hamd, Team leader

Jomaa Akkash Ahmed
Sultan Batawi

Original report by: Hassan Al Talie

Adaptation: Sara Sfeir


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