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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Still Want To Work On Board?

Has the recent and terrible Costa cruise ship disaster made you rethink a career at sea? It really shouldn’t. This kind of event is incredibly rare and, although the Captain didn’t use his training, the crew did. According to the reports, there wasn’t a pre-cruise safety drill where all the passengers are played the emergency announcements, shown their muster stations and even get to put on their life jackets.

This is incredibly important and on every-single ship I’ve worked on, we did this before each cruise. On the longer cruises, we’d do another drill without the passengers just for practice. The Chief Safety Officer on my first ship would quiz us every fortnight. If we didn’t know random facts like the number of water-tight doors (12) and how many ship-dividing fire doors (52) where on that particular vessel, we would have to do the whole training again.

I even remember the different amounts of food and water on the life boats and life rafts to the kilojoule. We were ready for anything, though thankfully nothing happened. Perhaps as we were all made to think about it constantly...

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