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Monday, 18 March 2013

Google Claims The FBI Spies On You

Google says that the FBI is spying on you. Ignoring the fact that this is basically the pot and the kettle engaged in name-calling, let’s all take a moment to be afraid.

Wired reports, “Google said the number of accounts connected to National Security lettersranged between ‘1000-1999’ for each of the reported years other than 2010. In that year, the range was ‘2000-2999.’” The article goes on to assure us, “Google noted that the FBI may obtain ‘the name, address, length of service, and local and long distance toll billing records’ of a subscriber to a wire or electronic communications service. The FBI can’t use NSLs to obtain anything else from Google, such as Gmail content, search queries, YouTube videos or user IP addresses.’”

Basically, the FBI can use Google to see where you live just not how many times you Google“Illuminati killed my goldfish.” Comforted? I didn’t think so.

Google is not known for being open about how often it spies into your soul via your internet searches, so their transparency about the government’s National Security requests smells a little bit like passing the buck. The creepy, creepy buck.

Of course, there are no numbers that show us how these FBI requests have actually made us safer. But rest assured that unless they have your computer, the only people who know about the number of times you visit Pinterest are you, Google and all the advertisers that pay them for the information. Just not the FBI.

source: http://blog.trutv.com/conspiracy/2013/03/13/google-claims-the-fbi-spies-on-you/index.html


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