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Monday, 11 March 2013

Sulu Rebels: 9 stilt houses as hideout

Followers of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III may have bought at least nine stilt houses to use as hideouts in Kampung Simunul water village in Sabah, Malaysian authorities said.

A report posted on New Straits Times quoted village head Ramlee Saraman as saying that local residents may have unwittingly sold the houses to Kiram's followers.

The houses are to be torn down to restore residents' confidence that the village is no longer a "terrorist den," the report quoted village head Saraman as saying.

Malaysian authorities had referred to the Kiram followers as terrorists.

Ramlee said Kiram's followers appeared to infiltrate the village and mixed with locals, with one of the followers even being called an "imam."

He added the house owners may have been "unsuspecting" and had no idea Kiram's followers would use the houses as hideouts.

Malaysian authorities continued last Sunday their efforts to flush out Kiram's followers from villages in Sabah following a series of deadly clashes that began March 1.

While Sultan Kiram had offered a unilateral ceasefire last March 7, Malaysia had rejected it and demanded that Kiram's followers lay down their arms unconditionally. — RSJ, GMA News


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