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Monday, 8 August 2011

Ex-boyfriend angered by woman’s allegations on Facebook

JOHOR BARU: The former boyfriend of a woman, who claimed that he created a Facebook page with her mobile number and stating that she offers sex services, has hit out at her.

Lim Yu Wei (pic), 22, who admitted creating the page, said he had been angered by her false claims on Facebook that he was a womaniser.

He said he created the page, which includes his 30-year-old ex-girlfriend June Boon Miew Hui’s personal particulars and mobile phone number, after ending their one-month relationship on a bad note.

“I set up the page out of rage because she went as far as posting my picture on Facebook saying I treat women with no respect and would get women pregnant and then leave them.

“My relationship with my parents is in a mess as she also approached them and made allegations about me,” he claimed.

He said things were going well until he found out she had a child with her ex-husband in Kluang, adding that she then kept pestering him to marry her and take care of her child.

“But I am still young and my parents would never accept that child,” he said, adding that he decided to end the relationship as it “was too much for him”.

However, he claimed that she kept sending him rude text messages.

It was reported on Sunday that Boon claimed she had received more than 100 harassing SMSes and calls from Facebook users asking about sex services since July 28 after Lim created the Facebook page.

Lim has since taken down all the information on Facebook but the page, named “I Love S Wen” in Chinese, remains.

Johor Baru (North) OCPD Asst Comm Ruslan Hassan, who confirmed the report by Boon, said police would investigate the matter thoroughly.

“I urge couples who have ended their relationships on a sour note not to make allegations on social networking sites or online portals as it is an offence and can create misunderstanding on all sides,” he said.

from The Star


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