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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Maharajarela, Tok Janggut were heroes but... (Mkini)

We call all those who went against the British, heroes. So if Mat Indera also went against the British, how should we brand him then?'

PAS declines to accept ex-servicemen's memo

Penanglang: As a courtesy, PAS should have accepted the memorandum. However, Ex-Police Association of Malaysia president Shafie Bakri is wrong in saying, "He (Mat Sabu) has hurt our feelings by saying that Mat Indera and the communists are the real freedom fighters."

I cannot speak much about the communists but for Mat Indera, the Johor state government recognised that he is a real freedom fighter and has published a book named 'Pengukir Nama Johor' commemorating local heroes. Why did you all not even mention that the Johor government has hurt your feelings as well?

We recognise and acknowledge the sacrifice made by the armed forces but all of these ex-police and former services personnel and the several unnamed NGOs are behaving like Umno stooges.

You dare not condemn the Umno-led Johor government for making a hero out of Mat Indera but went for Mat Sabu from PAS instead.

Sarajun Hoda: Yes, PAS should have accepted their memorandum. Whether they were right or wrong, that's a different matter. They have the right to express their views, just as Mat Sabu had the right to speak at the rally on the issue.

Anonymous_3ebe: Can someone out there please clarify this: We call those people who went against the British - Mat Kilau, Maharajarela, Tok Janggut - heroes.

So if Mat Indera also went against the British, how should we brand him then?

Anonymous: Politicians from both divide should stay out of the debate. It should have never come to this as it is no business of politicians to write or rewrite our history.

The academia who are the experts should do the research and present their learned views and conclusion for readers to decide for themselves. Both sides in the Bukit Kepong issue have their reasons for fighting.

There were no winners or losers. As to who were the heroes, it depends from which point of view it is looked at. So to each his own.

There is no need for politicians to quibble. They should be more concerned over issues like the economy, and concentrate on working towards the betterment of the lives of citizens.

Nicholas Lim: My family have friends who are army veterans. They participated in direct combat with the communists in the jungles of Malaysia. The majority of them supports the opposition. But all of them do not support the return of CPM leader Chin Peng. Many of them still harbour deep hatred towards the communists.

So for the sake of the opposition front, can Pakatan Rakyat and PAS specifically, admit that what Mat Sabu said was wrong, and apologise to all the army veterans and their families? Please for once heed the advice of DAP leader Karpal Singh.

And now Mat Sabu wants to indulge in historical revisionism by denigrating our Bapa Merdeka? Can Pakatan please ask Mat Sabu to shut his mouth?

An Old Malaysian: The fact is that the incident happened in 1950 when Malaya was under the British and those police officers were working for the British Imperial forces.

Imagine if today, Malaysia was to fall to a colonial power and that colonial power had Malaysians working in the police and army for it, what do you call those who resist these policemen and soldiers? Traitors or heroes?

MACC 'visits' Ho Hup's office

Victor Johan: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) folks spent less than 30 minutes at the Ho Hup's office. This shows that they are/were not seriously taking up the allegations and do an in-depth investigation on the AG (attorney-general).

Secondly, they came to identify the documents earlier, only to give Ho Hup prior notice. This could be the reason why, "When asked whether the MACC took any documents with them as alleged, the official replied in the negative."

Gen2: The 30-minute visit was just a sandiwara. One said that documents were taken, another said no documents were taken. So now both sides can deny they have any incriminating documents. Case closed.

1M: "When asked whether the MACC took any documents with them as alleged, the official replied in the negative and the source said he did not know what the visit was about."

This is funny, why the visit then? Even if it is courtesy call, it should have been specified clearly.

By the way MACC, have you visited Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud's office?

Michael Angelo: I didn't know that MACC officers make courtesy calls for friendly chats. Probably this is part of their customer service retention programme.

RPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin) said documents incriminating the AG were taken away. The company official replied in the negative when asked if any documents were seized by MACC. I wonder who we should believe?

Bluemountains: Nothing is going to happen to the AG because he may spill the beans on someone important. I cannot say the same for the listed firm's director.

Ah Hoe: It was heard that the documents and Truth fell out of the 14th floor of the MACC building. MACC claimed that both (documents and Truth) were depressed and thus committed suicide.

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