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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Google Privacy no more?

Google announced changes to its privacy policies that will allow the web giant to merge user data collected across multiple services, an update that promises to renew scrutiny over Google's privacy practices.

The new privacy policies go into effect on March 1.Users have no choice but to accept the changes, except, of course, to stop using Google's services.
The update marks the latest in Google's ambitious push across to learn even more about the people who use its services, an effort that has preoccupied the company of late and helped spur the launch of new products such as social networking site Google+. By combining information it gleans about an individual's interests and preferences based on his use of several different Google products, from Gmail and YouTube to Google search and Googe Maps, Google can effectively compile more complete profiles of the people using its offerings -- and, among other things, serve up more targeted ads and more customized content.

"Our new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if you're signed in, we may combine information you've provided from one service with information from other services," wrote Alma Whitten, Google's director of privacy, product and engineering, in a blog post. "In short, we'll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience."


Tintumon said...

Google searches are of great help. I was struggling for one sql query and when i typed it in google it directly took me to the solution which was not i typed but still it understood that it could be the problem. Personilised searches could be even of more help, unless you are a terrirost trying to search how to make bombs. And worst case if you fear your data could be misused then logout and search.

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