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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Manchester City dispute costs Carlos Tevez $14 million US

Photo by Andrew Yates, AFP/Getty Images
The Associated Press reported today that the lengthy holdout between Manchester City and wayward striker Carlos Tevez has ended up costing no one except the player, who has allegedly had to forgo nine million pounds ($14 million US) in fines or lost wages because he refuses to play for the club.

The Argentinian has allegedly forgone 1.2 million pounds for travelling without permission to Argentina; missed out on 1.7 million in wages over the past two months; and forfeited a six-million-pound “loyalty bonus” that would have been paid out had he stayed at the club.
Tevez has had another fine levelled against him for refusing to warm up before a game against Bayern Munich last September, a game in which he allegedly refused to come as a substitute in the second half, thus intensifying an already-major feud with the team and manager Roberto Mancini.

And all the while, Manchester City have played brilliantly throughout the season. They’ve proven themselves to be strong competitors on the level of the leviathan Manchester United and they just don’t seem to have had much need of Tevez’s services at all.

So really, all of Tevez’s antics that have garnered him a reputation as a diva and a drain on his squad have hurt no one but himself – his bank account, and his value as a teammate.

The latter quality doesn’t seem to have been hurt too badly, as multiple clubs with deep pockets have continued to pursue him. AC Milan walked away from talks with the striker after team executive Adriano Galliani went all the way to England to try and snatch him up.


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